Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2: A Super-Thin Keyboard Designed for Android and iOS Devices

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devices. It’s an ideal companion for those who need to type on the go, whether it’s for answering emails or editing documents.

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6.2 millimeters

thick and weighing just

245 grams

, this


can easily slip into a bag or briefcase. Yet, despite its compact size, it offers a full-sized layout with 78 keys, making typing comfortable and efficient.

The Keys-To-Go 2 connects to your device via Bluetooth or USB, offering versatility and ease of use. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to

3 months

on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent charging.

This keyboard also features Backlit keys, which are especially useful when typing in low-light environments, making it perfect for late-night emails or travel. And with a

spill-resistant design

, the Keys-To-Go 2 can handle accidental spills, providing peace of mind for frequent travelers.

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companion for those who need to type on the go. Its compact size, full-sized layout, long battery life, and spill-resistant design make it an essential accessory for anyone who relies on their mobile devices for productivity.

Disclaimer: This paragraph is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 keyboard.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

I. Introduction

Brief Overview of Logitech Keys-To-Go 2

Logitech’s Keys-To-Go 2 is a super-thin, compact, and highly portable keyboard designed specifically for mobile devices running on both Android and iOS operating systems. Measuring in at just 0.3 inches (7.8 mm) thin, this wireless keyboard is an ideal travel companion for those who prefer a more productive typing experience on the go. Its sleek and minimalist design not only makes it an excellent choice for frequent travelers but also for anyone seeking to enhance their mobile productivity.

Importance of a Portable Keyboard in Today’s Technology Landscape

In today’s ever-evolving technology landscape, having a portable and efficient typing solution has become essential for staying productive while on the move. With an increasing number of professionals and students relying on mobile devices as their primary computing tools, a portable keyboard like Logitech’s Keys-To-Go 2 offers several advantages over typing directly on touchscreens. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Typing Efficiency and Comfort

The physical keys provide a more natural and familiar typing experience, allowing for faster input and reduced errors compared to touchscreen typing. The Keys-To-Go 2’s compact design offers a full-sized keyboard experience with no compromises, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer the tactile feel and precision of physical keys.

Enhanced Productivity

A portable keyboard, such as the Keys-To-Go 2, enables users to work more efficiently on their mobile devices by providing a dedicated typing interface that supports multitasking and productivity applications. This can be particularly important for professionals in fields such as writing, design, or development who require a more powerful input device to get their work done quickly and effectively.

Versatility and Flexibility

The Keys-To-Go 2’s compatibility with both Android and iOS devices provides users with the flexibility to switch between different platforms seamlessly, making it an ideal choice for individuals who use multiple mobile devices or prefer to have a consistent typing experience across their devices. The keyboard can also be easily paired with up to three different Bluetooth devices, allowing users to quickly switch between connected devices as needed.

Convenient Travel Companion

The Keys-To-Go 2’s portable design makes it an excellent travel companion for those who frequently find themselves working on the go. The keyboard’s compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to slip into a backpack or briefcase, ensuring that users have a reliable typing solution with them at all times. Additionally, the Keys-To-Go 2’s long battery life (up to three months on a single charge) ensures that users can stay productive even when they’re away from a power source for extended periods.

Overall, the Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 is a powerful and versatile portable keyboard that offers numerous advantages for mobile professionals and students in today’s technology landscape. Its super-thin design, compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, and convenient typing experience make it an essential tool for anyone seeking to maximize their productivity on the go.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

Design and Build Quality

Ultra-thin profile (approximately 0.2 inches)

This cutting-edge keyboard boasts an ultra-thin profile, measuring approximately 0.2 inches in height. Its sleek design makes it not only visually appealing but also highly portable, enabling users to take it along on their travels with ease.

Constructed from aluminum for durability and sleekness

The keyboard’s robust construction is a testament to its superior quality. It is meticulously crafted from premium aluminum, providing both durability and an unrivaled sleekness that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 3 months of usage on a single charge

Setting it apart from the competition, this keyboard features an impressive built-in rechargeable battery. With a lifespan of up to 3 months on a single charge, users can enjoy extended periods of wireless typing without the inconvenience of frequent recharging.

Fast charging via USB-C

When the need for a quick charge does arise, the keyboard‘s fast charging capabilities ensure that it is back to full power in no time. With USB-C technology, users can recharge their keyboard swiftly and conveniently, allowing them to get back to work in no time.

Backlit keys with adjustable brightness levels for optimal typing experience in any environment

Lastly, the keyboard’s backlit keys provide an exceptional typing experience, even in dimly lit environments. With adjustable brightness levels, users can customize the illumination to their liking, ensuring that they remain productive and comfortable regardless of the conditions around them.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

I Connectivity and Compatibility

Bluetooth connectivity for seamless pairing with Android and iOS devices:

With Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily connect their headphones to their Android and iOS devices for a wireless listening experience. This technology offers several advantages:

Instant switching between devices:

Bluetooth connectivity enables users to switch effortlessly between their Android and iOS devices, making it perfect for those who use multiple devices on a daily basis. No need to manually disconnect and reconnect the headphones to each device – just press a button, and your headphones will automatically pair with the new device.

Multi-device support:

Bluetooth connectivity also supports multi-device pairing, allowing users to connect their headphones to two devices simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for those who work or study in environments that require the use of multiple devices, such as a computer and a smartphone.

Compatibility with various operating systems:

Another significant advantage of the headphones is their compatibility with a wide range of operating systems. They are designed to work seamlessly with:

Android 4.4 and later:

Android users can connect the headphones to their devices without requiring any additional drivers or software installations, making the setup process quick and hassle-free. This compatibility ensures that a vast majority of Android users can enjoy the full features and benefits of these headphones.

iOS 8 and later:

Similarly, iOS users can connect the headphones to their devices with ease and without the need for additional software or drivers. The headphones’ compatibility with the latest versions of iOS guarantees an optimal user experience and the ability to take full advantage of all features.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

Keyboard Layout and Functionality

Keyboards have been an essential input device for digital devices since their inception. With the increasing popularity of portable devices like Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, keyboard design has evolved to cater to the unique needs of these devices.

Standard QWERTY layout with compact key size

One of the most noticeable features of portable keyboard designs is their adoption of the standard QWERTY layout, which has been around since the early days of typewriters. However, the keys in these portable designs are significantly smaller to fit into the compact form factor. This can make typing on them a bit challenging for those accustomed to full-sized keyboards.

Function keys to provide quick access to essential features

Despite their small size, portable keyboards offer several functional advantages over their larger counterparts. One such advantage is the inclusion of function keys. These keys provide quick access to essential features on Android and iOS devices, such as media controls, search, and Home screen.

Customizable functions

Moreover, many portable keyboards offer customizable functions. For instance, Logitech’s line of Bluetooth keyboards for Windows and Mac allows users to assign custom functions to the keys through the Logitech Options app. Similarly, iOS devices offer a Keyboard Shortcuts feature that lets users create custom shortcut keys for various tasks.

Spill-resistant design

Another important feature of portable keyboards is their spill-resistant design. This design element protects against accidental liquid spills, making these keyboards ideal for use in various environments, including cafes and outdoor settings.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

User Experience and Accessibilities

Mobile Compatibility and Accessories

This section of our review focuses on the user experience enhancements that come with using Logitech Combo Touch with various mobile accessories.

Tablet Compatibility and Viewing Angles

Compatible with a wide range of tablets including, but not limited to, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro X, Logitech Combo Touch offers an exceptional user experience through its compatibility with various tablet accessories. One notable feature is the adjustable viewing angles provided by cases such as Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro and other similar designs. These cases enable users to easily prop up their tablets for watching videos, taking notes, or following recipes in the kitchen – all while maintaining a comfortable typing position.

Productivity App Integration

To further optimize the user experience, Logitech Combo Touch is designed to work seamlessly with popular productivity apps like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. By integrating these applications, users can type on a physical keyboard while also having the ability to edit documents, create spreadsheets, or draft emails directly within their preferred productivity suite. This combination of hardware and software is perfect for those who require a powerful yet portable solution to enhance their productivity on the go.

Lightweight Design for Easy Portability

Weighing in at approximately 0.2 pounds, Logitech Combo Touch offers a lightweight design that is perfect for easy carrying in a backpack or briefcase. This portability factor is crucial as users need a keyboard that can travel with them, making it an essential accessory for those who frequently work remotely or on the move. The compact size and slim profile of Logitech Combo Touch make it a standout option for anyone looking for a versatile, productivity-enhancing accessory to complement their tablet setup.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS

VI. Pricing and Availability


Keys-To-Go 2

is a compact, wireless keyboard designed for users who require a convenient and portable typing solution. The suggested retail price

for this device is an affordable $59.99, making it a budget-friendly option for on-the-go typing needs.

As for


, the Keys-To-Go 2 can be found at various major retailers such as link, link, and link. These retailers offer a wide range of delivery and pick-up options to suit your convenience, ensuring that you receive your Keys-To-Go 2 in a timely manner.


additional purchasing options

are also available for those who prefer alternative payment methods or extended financing plans. For instance, customers can opt for link, which offer flexible payment plans to spread the cost of their purchase over several months. Furthermore, subscription services such as link or link can provide additional perks like free shipping, exclusive offers, and rewards points that make purchasing the Keys-To-Go 2 even more appealing.

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 launches this month as a super-thin keyboard for Android, iOS


V In the fast-paced world of modern technology, productivity and mobility are two essential keys to success. Enter the Logitech Keys-To-Go 2, a portable keyboard designed to cater to the needs of both Android and iOS users. This sleek and compact device brings the power of a full-sized keyboard right to your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

The Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 boasts a number of features that make it an indispensable tool for those constantly on the go. With Bluetooth 4.2 technology, users can easily connect their keyboard to their mobile devices without the need for cords or wires. Moreover, its backlit keys ensure that typing remains possible even in dimly lit environments. The keyboard also offers spill-resistant design, providing an extra layer of protection against accidental spills. Furthermore, the low-profile scissor keys deliver a comfortable typing experience while offering a quiet operation that’s perfect for use in any setting.

Role of Portable Keyboards

The Logitech Keys-To-Go 2‘s significance goes beyond just being a convenient accessory for mobile users. In today’s productivity-driven society, the ability to type quickly and efficiently is more important than ever before. Portable keyboards like this one enable users to type on their mobile devices just as easily and effectively as they would on a traditional computer, leading to increased productivity. By providing the familiarity of a full-sized keyboard and the convenience of portability, devices like the Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 are helping to bridge the gap between the desktop and mobile worlds, empowering users to work smarter and more efficiently no matter where they are.