Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

Android 15 Beta 3: A Comprehensive Overview of What’s New [Gallery Edition]

With the latest release of Android 15 Beta 3, Google is continuing to refine and improve its flagship mobile operating system. This update comes packed with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that will make your Android experience even better. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll dive into the most significant changes in Android 15 Beta 3.

Revamped Notification System:

One of the most noteworthy improvements in Android 15 Beta 3 is the revamped notification system. Notifications are now more visually appealing, and users have more control over how they’re displayed. You can swipe left or right to dismiss notifications, and long press on a notification for more options.

Improved Privacy:

Privacy has always been a top priority for Google, and Android 15 Beta 3 continues this trend. With the new Privacy Dashboard, users can easily see which apps have accessed their location, microphone, or camera in the last 24 hours. Additionally, background app activity has been restricted to improve user privacy.

Dark Mode:

Android 15 Beta 3 introduces a system-wide dark mode, which is becoming increasingly popular among mobile users. This feature can help save battery life and reduce eye strain, especially in low-light environments.

Better Battery Life:

Google has focused on improving battery life in Android 15 Beta The new “Adaptive Battery” feature learns your usage patterns and prioritizes battery power for the” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>apps

you use most frequently. Additionally, background app activity has been optimized to consume less power.

New Gesture Navigation:

For those who prefer a more minimalistic interface, Android 15 Beta 3 introduces new gesture navigation. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to your home screen, swipe up and pause to access recent apps, and swipe left or right to navigate between open apps.

Exploring the Innovative Features of Android 15 Beta 3

Android 15, the latest addition to the Android operating system family, is making waves in the tech community with its groundbreaking innovations. This new OS represents a significant leap forward in terms of user experience, performance, and functionality. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the new features introduced in the third beta release of Android 15.

Android 15 Beta 3: A Game Changer

Android 15 Beta 3 is a critical milestone in the development of this new OS. It offers a more polished user interface, improved stability, and enhanced security features. Google has been consistently working on refining the user experience to make it even more intuitive and seamless. Android 15 Beta 3 is a testament to their commitment towards delivering an operating system that caters to the evolving needs of users.

A Sneak Peek into the New Features

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that set Android 15 apart from its predecessors:

Advanced Privacy Settings:

With the growing concern over data privacy, Android 15 introduces advanced settings that allow users to have complete control over their data. This includes more granular app permissions and enhanced location services.

Improved Notification System:

Android 15’s notification system has been revamped, making it more interactive and less intrusive. Users can now customize the notifications they receive and how they are displayed.

Enhanced Multi-Tasking:

Multitasking has been given a major overhaul in Android 15. Users can now split their screen between two apps, making it easier to multitask and be more productive.

New Design Language:

Android 15 introduces a fresh design language, focusing on simplicity and minimalism. The new look is cleaner, more modern, and easier to navigate.

Stay Tuned for More!

We’ll be exploring these features and more in detail throughout this article. Be sure to check out our extensive gallery showcasing the changes in Android 15 Beta 3.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

User Interface and Design

Visual Updates:

With the latest update, Google has introduced a series of visual improvements that add a fresh new look to Android’s user interface.

New System-Wide Theme Options

One of the most significant changes is the addition of new theme options. Users can now personalize their device’s look and feel by choosing from a range of color palettes that extend beyond the traditional light or dark modes. These new themes not only change the wallpaper, but also affect the color of system UI elements and app icons.

Redesigned Icons:

Another noticeable update are the redesigned icons. Google has simplified and unified the icon design, making them more consistent in shape and size. The new icons are not only visually pleasing but also easier to recognize.

Improved Material You Design Elements:

Lastly, the Material You design elements have been improved. These design elements provide a consistent look and feel across apps. The updated design makes the interface more dynamic, with the color of the design elements changing based on the user’s chosen theme.

Impact on User Experience:

These visual updates have a significant impact on the

overall user experience

. By offering more customization options, users can make their device truly reflect their personal style. The visually appealing design not only looks great but also makes using the device a more enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the consistency in icon design and Material You elements ensures that navigation is intuitive and efficient.


The latest visual updates to Android’s user interface demonstrate Google’s commitment to continually improving the user experience. The addition of new theme options, redesigned icons, and improved Material You design elements make Android more visually appealing and customizable than ever before.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

I Privacy and Security

Android, the world’s most widely used mobile operating system, is continually evolving to better protect users’ privacy and security. In this regard, Android 10, the latest version, brings several noteworthy enhancements to both areas.


More Granular App Permissions:

Android 10 offers more control over app permissions, allowing users to grant access on a per-use basis instead of the previous all-or-nothing approach. This means users can now choose whether to allow an app access to their location, microphone, or camera only when the app is actively being used.

Improved Location Services:

Location services have been enhanced to provide greater location privacy. With the new ‘Scanning for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location’ setting, users can control when their device scans for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, or uses location services.


Biometric Authentication Strengthening:

Android 10 introduces a new biometric authentication standard (Android Biometric API) to improve security. This standard ensures that biometric data is never stored on the device and enhances the protection of sensitive user information.

Encrypted Communications:

Android 10 now supports encrypted communications by default. This means that all data transferred over the internet, including instant messages and emails, is encrypted to protect users’ privacy.

Enhanced Device Lockdown Options:

Security has been fortified with new lockdown options, like the ability to set a password or PIN for specific actions and the option to lock down the device remotely if it’s lost.

Safeguarding Users’ Data and Devices

These improvements in privacy and security features work together to safeguard users’ data and devices from potential threats. By providing more control over app permissions, improving location services, and enhancing biometric authentication, Android 10 empowers users to secure their digital lives.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

Productivity and Efficiency

IV.Productivity Features: Apple’s latest operating system updates bring significant improvements to productivity features, designed to streamline user experience and optimize time management. These enhancements include:

A.Split-screen multitasking improvements

Apple’s split-screen multitasking has been refined, allowing users to view and manage two apps side by side more efficiently. With the new layout, resizing windows is a breeze – just drag the divider line between apps to adjust sizes accordingly. This feature enables users to work on tasks simultaneously without having to constantly switch between apps.

A.Enhanced keyboard shortcuts

The updated operating system offers a more extensive set of keyboard shortcuts, making it easier for power users to navigate through their devices and perform tasks faster. Users can now customize these shortcuts according to their preferences, saving valuable time and energy.

A.More efficient app switching

Apple has optimized the app switching process, making it more intuitive and streamlined. Users can now easily switch between apps using a simple swipe gesture or by clicking on the App Switcher icon – this saves time when users need to frequently switch between applications.

IV.Implications of these features:

These productivity enhancements have far-reaching implications for users, enabling them to manage their time more effectively and boost overall productivity. By allowing users to multitask more efficiently, Apple’s updates empower individuals to accomplish more in less time. The refined keyboard shortcuts provide a faster way for power users to navigate their devices and perform tasks, while the optimized app switching process ensures that users can easily switch between applications without losing focus or wasting precious minutes. With these features, Apple is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience that caters to the evolving needs of modern-day professionals and power users.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]


Detailed Improvements

Google’s latest Android update brings significant strides in enhancing accessibility features for its users. One such advancement is the addition of new text-to-speech voices, which cater to a diverse range of languages and dialects. This update aims to provide an inclusive experience for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, enabling them to engage more effectively with digital content. Moreover, the customizable color palettes have been expanded, offering users greater flexibility and control over their display settings. These customizations can be particularly beneficial for individuals with color blindness or other visual impairments.

Inclusive Android Experience

The accessibility improvements in the latest Android update contribute to a more inclusive and accessible digital environment. By catering to an increasingly diverse range of users, Google strengthens its commitment to creating technology that is accessible to all. The new text-to-speech voices expand the reach of Android for individuals with visual impairments, while customizable color palettes enable users with different visual needs to personalize their experience. Furthermore, these improvements promote digital inclusion and empower individuals to use technology in a manner that best suits their unique requirements.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

VI. Developer Tools

A.New and Improved Developer Tools: In the ever-evolving world of app development, staying updated with the latest developer tools is crucial for building high-quality applications efficiently. Recently, various developer tools have undergone significant improvements, providing developers with new features that can revolutionize their workflow. For instance, advanced code editors now offer features like intelligent code completion, real-time collaboration, and integrated testing tools that can significantly reduce the time spent on debugging and writing code. Furthermore, revamped debugging capabilities enable developers to inspect and analyze complex applications more effectively, pinpointing issues faster and ensuring a smoother development process.

B.Positive Impact on the Developer Community: These updates in developer tools carry immense potential to positively impact the developer community. With streamlined app development processes, developers can now focus on creating innovative features instead of being bogged down by common challenges.

Faster Development:

New developer tools enable developers to write, test, and debug code more quickly than ever before. This reduced development time translates into faster delivery of applications, giving businesses a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Improved Debugging:

The revamped debugging capabilities provide developers with the ability to identify and resolve issues more efficiently. By offering real-time insights into applications’ inner workings, these tools enable developers to spend less time troubleshooting and more time creating new features.

Collaboration and Productivity:

Advanced code editors that offer real-time collaboration features empower teams to work together more efficiently. Developers can now share their progress, discuss issues, and provide feedback instantly, leading to an increased sense of camaraderie and productivity within the team.


Ultimately, these updates in developer tools pave the way for further innovation in app development. By continuously improving their offerings, developer tool providers fuel the imagination and creativity of developers worldwide, leading to a more diverse and exciting range of applications for users to enjoy.

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]


Android 15 Beta 3 has brought several new features that are set to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices. Let’s recap some of the most notable changes:

Visual Refresh:

With the introduction of Material You, Android’s design language, the user interface has been given a fresh, modern look. This intelligent design adapts to your chosen wallpaper and creates a unique color palette for your device, making it visually appealing and personalized.


In the realm of customizability, users can now customize their home screen with new widgets and layouts. Additionally, you can change the look of your Quick Settings tiles and add up to 5 custom tiles for quick access to your most frequently used features.


Android 15 Beta 3 focuses on improving overall efficiency, with faster app launch times and a smoother experience when switching between apps. Moreover, the new Background Activity limits will help conserve battery life by managing background activity more effectively.


Several security enhancements have been introduced, including improved biometric authentication and privacy controls for your microphone and camera. The Privacy Dashboard offers a clear overview of which apps have accessed your data, enabling users to make informed decisions about their privacy settings.

Call to Action:

As we eagerly await the official release, we encourage you to try out these new features in the beta version. By providing feedback and reporting any issues, you’re contributing to a better Android experience for everyone. Happy exploring!

Here’s everything new in Android 15 Beta 3 [Gallery]

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