Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

Android Game and App Deals: Teslagrad, Argo, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, and More

Get ready for some amazing savings on Android games and apps! In this roundup, we’re highlighting Teslagrad, Argo: A Tale in the Stars, and Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire. These titles offer captivating experiences, and now is the perfect time to add them to your collection.


Experience a breathtaking adventure in Teslagrad, an award-winning puzzle platformer with a unique steampunk aesthetic. Bold and imaginative puzzles, coupled with a rich narrative, make this game an essential addition to any Android library. The sale price is not to be missed!

Argo: A Tale in the Stars

Embark on a journey through the cosmos with Argo: A Tale in the Stars. This strategy RPG offers engrossing space exploration, tactical combat, and deep resource management systems. With its captivating storyline and vast universe to explore, Argo is a must-have title for Android gamers at this discounted price.

Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire

Adventure awaits in the realm of Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire. This strategy RPG lets you lead your tribe through perilous lands, building settlements, managing resources, and engaging in epic battles. With its rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and immersive gameplay, this title is a steal at its sale price.

Don’t Miss Out

These game deals won’t last forever, so be sure to take advantage of these savings while they last. Dive into new worlds, overcome thrilling challenges, and create unforgettable memories with Teslagrad, Argo: A Tale in the Stars, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, and other fantastic Android games. Happy gaming!
Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

Exploring the Significance of Game Deals in the Thriving Android Gaming Market

Android gaming market: A vibrant and ever-evolving landscape, Android gaming has witnessed an impressive surge in popularity over the past decade. With an estimated 2.5 billion active Android devices worldwide, the platform offers developers a vast audience to reach and engage with (Statista, 2021). The Google Play Store, the primary distribution channel for Android games, boasts over

3.5 million

apps, with a significant portion dedicated to gaming (Google, 2021)). The market’s growth can be attributed to several factors, including increasing affordability of Android devices, improved gaming experiences through technological advancements, and a diverse range of games catering to various demographics.

Game Deals: A Winning Strategy for Both Developers and Consumers

In the dynamic world of Android gaming, game deals have emerged as a strategic tool for both developers and consumers. For developers, game deals offer various benefits:

Attracting New Users:

By offering discounts, free trials, or” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>app rewards, developers can attract potential users who might otherwise be hesitant to try a new game. Once engaged, these users may become loyal customers, leading to increased revenue through in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Boosting Sales:

Game deals can significantly impact sales figures, with data indicating that discounts can increase sales by up to


(App Annie, 2018)). This revenue boost can be crucial for new games trying to establish a foothold in the crowded Android gaming market.

Maintaining User Engagement:

Regular game deals help keep existing users engaged, offering them incentives to continue playing or return after a break. This not only contributes to user retention but also provides valuable data on player behavior and preferences, which can inform future development decisions.

From a consumer‘s perspective, game deals offer numerous advantages:


Game deals enable consumers to try new games or expand their collections at a lower cost. This is especially important for those with limited budgets, making Android gaming more accessible and inclusive.

Value-added Incentives:

Discounted games often come with additional content, such as bonus levels or exclusive skins, adding value to the overall gaming experience.

Encouraging Experimentation:

The availability of game deals encourages consumers to try new genres or unfamiliar titles, expanding their gaming horizons and potentially discovering hidden gems.


In the thriving world of Android gaming, game deals serve as a crucial factor in both attracting and retaining users. By providing benefits for both developers and consumers, these strategic offers continue to shape the Android gaming market’s growth and evolution.

Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more


Description of the game:

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer game with an intriguing steampunk theme. Set in the world of Teslagrad, players explore an abandoned electrical power city to uncover its mysteries. The gameplay mechanics are based on magnetism and conductivity, allowing players to manipulate the environment using Tesla’s powers. The game’s controls are intuitive, with swipe gestures used for movement and simple taps to interact with objects.

Android release and pricing history:

Initial release price and launch date:

Teslagrad was first released on the Android platform on September 3, 2014, priced at $7.99.

Price drops and promotions:

Since its initial release, Teslagrad has undergone several price adjustments. It was first discounted to $5.99 on January 12, 2016. The game saw another price drop on March 3, 2017, this time to $4.99. Additionally, Teslagrad was offered for free as a Google Play promotion on February 23, 2018.

Reception and critical acclaim on Android platform:

User ratings and reviews:

Teslagrad has received overwhelmingly positive user reviews on the Android platform. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, players have praised the game’s challenging puzzles, captivating storyline, and beautiful graphics.

Awards and recognitions:

The game has also received numerous awards and recognitions. Teslagrad was named the “Best Android Game of 2014” by PocketGamer, and it won the “Excellence in Visual Art” award at the 2015 Independent Games Festival. It has also been featured in several “Top 10” and “Best Of” lists by various gaming publications.

Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

I Arrog

Description of the game:

Arrog is a top-down shooter game with intricate roguelike elements, offering an immersive gaming experience for both casual and hardcore players. The gameplay mechanics are simple yet challenging, requiring players to master various weapons, skills, and strategies to survive in a procedurally generated world filled with formidable enemies. Players control a lone hero, traveling through treacherous landscapes and battling dark forces to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Arrog.

Android release and pricing history:

Initially released on the Android platform on July 25, 2018, Arrog was priced at a reasonable $4.99. Over the following months, the game underwent several price adjustments to boost sales and attract new players. In September 2018, a major update added new features and content, resulting in a price increase to $6.99. Despite this, user feedback remained positive.

Price drops and promotions:

To further incentivize potential buyers, the developers occasionally offered price drops and promotional discounts. For example, during the holiday season in December 2018, Arrog was available at a substantial discount of $2.99. These price adjustments seemed to contribute significantly to the game’s overall success on Android.

Reception and critical acclaim on Android platform:

The reception of Arrog on the Android platform has been overwhelmingly positive. With a User rating of 4.8/5 and over 10,000 reviews, the game has consistently been praised for its addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and deep narrative. Arrog has also received numerous awards and recognitions within the Android gaming community, including being named a Top Indie Game by multiple critics.

User ratings and reviews:

“Arrog is an absolute must-have for fans of top-down shooters,” writes one user in a 5-star review. “The procedurally generated levels keep things fresh and challenging, while the storyline and character development are genuinely engaging.”

Awards and recognitions:

“Arrog showcases the best of what Android gaming has to offer,” states Android Central, awarding the game a coveted “Editor’s Choice” title. With continued support from developers and an ever-growing community of dedicated players, Arrog remains a standout title in the Android gaming scene.

Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire is an engaging role-playing game (RPG) with captivating adventure elements that transport players to a mythical world of fire and ice. In this game, players embark on an epic journey to uncover ancient mysteries, battle fierce creatures, and develop their character through a deep and immersive storyline.

Description of the game:

  1. Gameplay mechanics and controls: The game offers a seamless combination of real-time combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Players can customize their character’s attributes, skills, and inventory to adapt to various situations, making each adventure unique. The intuitive touch controls make it easy for players to navigate the game world and execute actions.
  2. Storyline and plot development: The rich narrative immerses players in a captivating tale of heroes, gods, and ancient prophecies. As players progress through the game, they will uncover hidden secrets, form alliances, and confront powerful enemies that challenge their courage and determination.

Android release and pricing history:

Initial release price and launch date:

The initial Android release of Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire was priced at $9.99 on March 1, 2018.

Price drops and promotions:

Over the years, the game has undergone several price adjustments to attract new players and retain existing ones. The prices have ranged from $4.99 during holiday sales to $7.99 in regular periods.

Reception and critical acclaim on Android platform:
  1. User ratings and reviews: With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play, the game has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from players who praise its captivating storyline, immersive gameplay, and stunning graphics.
  2. Awards and recognitions: In 2019, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire was awarded the “Best Android RPG” title by several gaming publications for its exceptional blend of storytelling, exploration, and character development.

Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

Other Notable Game Deals

List of Other Notable Android Games with Significant Price Drops or Promotions

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a surreal, maze-like puzzle game where you manipulate the environment to help Ida, a silent heroine, navigate through a series of optical illusions and architectural marvels. Released in 2014 with an initial price of $3.99, the game recently dropped to a new low of $1.99. Known for its minimalist aesthetic and immersive atmosphere, Monument Valley is a must-have for puzzle enthusiasts.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, is an endless sandboarding game that invites players to explore a vast desert full of secrets and hidden treasures. Originally priced at $4.99, the game is now available for just $1.99. With its effortless controls and soothing soundtrack, Alto’s Odyssey is a relaxing yet engaging experience.

Lara Croft Go

From the creators of Monument Valley, Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle adventure game where players control the iconic adventurer as she explores exotic ruins filled with traps and puzzles. Released in 2015 at a price of $4.99, the game recently dropped to $1.99. With its challenging puzzles and meticulously designed levels, Lara Croft Go is a worthy addition to any Android gamer’s collection.

Reception and Critical Acclaim on the Android Platform for Each Game

Monument Valley: With an average user rating of 4.6 stars on Google Play and numerous awards, including the Apple Design Award and a DICE Award nomination, Monument Valley is widely regarded as a masterpiece of mobile gaming. Its unique art style and innovative mechanics have captivated audiences worldwide.

Alto’s Odyssey: With an average user rating of 4.8 stars on Google Play and multiple award nominations, including for the BAFTA Games Award and the Game Developers Choice Awards, Alto’s Odyssey has been praised for its beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, and calming atmosphere. The game is a testament to the power of simple mechanics and an engaging experience.

Lara Croft Go: With an average user rating of 4.7 stars on Google Play and critical acclaim from major outlets like IGN, Lara Croft Go has proven that a classic franchise can be successfully adapted to mobile gaming. Its intuitive controls and intricate puzzles have captivated both casual and hardcore gamers, making it a standout title in the genre.

Android game and app deals: Teslagrad, Arrog, Quest-Isles of Ice and Fire, more

VI. Conclusion

Android gaming market has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few years, boasting an impressive install base of over 3 billion devices worldwide. Game deals, a significant aspect of this ecosystem, have become increasingly popular among consumers, providing numerous benefits beyond just saving money.

Summary of the Android Gaming Market and its Growth

The Android gaming market has experienced significant growth, fueled by the widespread adoption of mobile devices and advancements in technology. With more developers jumping on board and creating high-quality games, competition is fierce. However, this competition has its advantages as it leads to innovative gameplay mechanics, improved graphics, and competitive pricing.

Consumers’ Benefits from Game Deals

Game deals offer consumers a chance to try out new games at discounted prices or even for free. This not only allows them to expand their gaming horizons but also saves them considerable sums of money, especially for those who enjoy playing multiple games regularly. Furthermore, these deals often come with additional perks like in-app purchases at reduced prices or exclusive content.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Game Deals for Developers and Consumers

Game deals play a crucial role in both the Android gaming ecosystem and individual consumers’ gaming experiences. For developers, they serve as effective marketing tools to attract new users and increase revenue through sales. Meanwhile, for consumers, they offer a cost-effective way to enjoy an ever-growing library of Android games. As the Android gaming market continues to evolve and expand, game deals will undoubtedly remain a critical component that benefits both developers and consumers alike.