Google Messages ‘Nudges’ and birthday reminders are back [U]

Google Messages’ Resurrected ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders: An In-Depth Outline

Google Messages, a popular communication application from Google, has recently brought back two useful features: ‘Nudges’ and ‘Birthday Reminders’. These features were initially available but later removed due to unknown reasons. In this article, we will delve deeper into the functionality and significance of these features.

Revisited ‘Nudges’: A Gentle Reminder

The ‘Nudge’ feature is designed to help users re-engage with important conversations. When a message thread remains unanswered for a while, Google Messages sends a subtle notification to the user, reminding them of the conversation. The reminder is not pushy but rather encourages users to respond or check the thread. This feature can be particularly helpful for busy individuals who may overlook messages in their inbox.

How to Enable ‘Nudges’

Users can enable this feature by following these simple steps: Open Google Messages > Settings (gear icon) > Chat Features > Enable ‘Nudge’ notifications.

‘Birthday Reminders’: A Thoughtful Touch

‘Birthday Reminders’ is an excellent feature that allows users to keep track of their contacts’ birthdays. Google Messages sends a notification reminding the user of an upcoming birthday, along with an option to send a birthday message or create a reminder for themselves. This feature can help users stay connected and show appreciation for their friends and family.

How to Enable ‘Birthday Reminders’

To enable this feature, users need to follow these steps: Open Google Messages > Settings (gear icon) > People & Options > Contacts > Birthdays. Here, they can add birthdates for their contacts and customize the notification settings.

Exploring the Power of Personalization in Google Messages: A Modern Messaging Application

Google Messages, developed by Google, is a cross-platform messaging application that allows users to send and receive messages on various devices using the same account. This

versatile app

, available on both Android and iOS, offers a multitude of features that cater to users’ communication needs. However, in today’s highly competitive market of messaging apps, what sets Google Messages apart is its unwavering commitment to user experience and personalization.

User Experience: The Foundation of Google Messages

User experience

  • Minimalist and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use the app
  • Real-time messaging with end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy and security of conversations
  • Integration with Google Assistant for hands-free communication

These features, among others, contribute to a seamless user experience, making Google Messages an attractive choice for users.

Personalization: Setting Google Messages Apart


  • Customizable notifications: Users can tailor notification settings to suit their preferences, ensuring they are only alerted for important messages.
  • Personalized greetings
  • Users can set custom messages to greet contacts whenever they start a new conversation.
  • This feature adds a personal touch and helps users express their unique personality.

Smart replies

  • Google Messages uses machine learning algorithms to analyze conversation context and suggest relevant, personalized replies.
  • This feature saves time and effort by providing suggested responses that fit the user’s communication style.

By focusing on user experience and personalization, Google Messages distinguishes itself from competitors and offers a messaging solution that caters to the evolving communication needs of modern users.


Description of the ‘Nudge’ feature in Google Messages:

The ‘Nudge’ feature in Google Messages was a unique innovation aimed at encouraging users to respond to messages. Purpose: This thoughtful addition would suggest a possible reply or a response action for the user, making conversations more engaging and efficient. It analyzed the text of previous messages in the conversation and suggested potential responses based on common phrases or keywords. This feature was designed to save time and effort for users, particularly in situations where they might be unsure of what to say next.

How it worked:

When a user received a message, the ‘Nudge’ feature would pop up with suggested replies or response actions. These suggestions appeared as bubbles above the text input area and could be easily dismissed if not relevant to the conversation. The user could select a suggested response, edit it, or type a new message from scratch. This feature was well-received by many users, as it helped to reduce the time and effort required for composing messages.

Description of the Birthday Reminder feature:

Another interesting feature in Google Messages was the Birthday Reminder. This feature aimed to help users remember their friends’ birthdays. Purpose: The Birthday Reminder would automatically set reminders for friends’ birthdays based on contact information in the user’s Google Contacts. This helped users to keep track of their friends’ birthdays and send timely greetings or messages.

How it worked:

The Birthday Reminder feature would display a notification on the user’s device a few days before a friend’s birthday, prompting them to send a message or call their friend to wish them happy birthday. Users could also view an upcoming birthdays list within the Google Messages app, making it convenient for them to plan and send multiple birthday messages in advance.

Reason for the removal of ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders:

The reasons for Google’s decision to remove these features remain unclear. Some users were frustrated, disappointed, and even requested a return of the ‘Nudge’ and Birthday Reminder features. These popular additions had become integral parts of Google Messages and were valued by many users for their convenience and efficiency.

User Reactions:

Many users expressed their displeasure and disappointment on social media platforms, sharing their frustration over the loss of these helpful features. Some even threatened to switch messaging apps in response. However, Google has not yet announced any plans to reinstate these features, leaving users to search for alternative solutions.


The removal of the ‘Nudge’ and Birthday Reminder features in Google Messages has left many users feeling disappointed. These features were designed to make messaging more efficient, convenient, and engaging for users. While the reasons for their removal remain unclear, user feedback has been overwhelmingly negative, highlighting the importance of these features to many users.

I The Return of ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders

Announcement of the return of the features in Google Workspace Update Center

Google has recently announced the return of two popular features, ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders, in the Google Workspace Update Center. This update is significant for G Suite users as these features can enhance productivity and communication within their organizations.

Detailed description of how the features work now

‘Nudges’: The ‘Nudge’ feature is designed to subtly remind users to respond to messages that require their attention. It returns with more user control than before. Users can now customize the frequency and type of nudge they receive. For instance, they can choose to be notified every hour, every few hours, or only when a message has been open for a long time. The design of the nudge is also improved to blend with the message thread instead of appearing as a pop-up, thereby preventing distraction.

‘Nudges’: A more subtle reminder to respond to messages

a. User control: Ability to customize the frequency and type of nudge

b. Improved design: Blend with message thread to prevent distraction

Birthday Reminders

Birthday Reminders: Google Contacts are now synced to provide more accurate and comprehensive birthday lists. This feature allows users to set custom notification settings for each contact, ensuring they never miss a friend’s or colleague’s special day. Furthermore, there is an option to add birthdays as events directly in Google Calendar, providing a more organized way to keep track of important dates.

Birthday Reminders: Syncing contacts from Google Contacts

a. User control: Customization of notification settings for each contact

Integration with Google Calendar

b. Option to add birthdays as events

Benefits of the Resurrected Features

Improved user experience and convenience

The revival of certain features in communication platforms brings about significant improvements to user experience and convenience. Let’s explore some of these benefits in detail.

Encouraging responses: Helping users stay on top of conversations

First and foremost, the resurrected features help users stay engaged in their conversations. With notifications for new messages and mentions, users are more likely to respond promptly, ensuring that the conversation remains active. This is particularly important in professional settings where timely communication can make all the difference.

Managing birthdays: Keeping track of friends’ special days and staying connected

Another convenient feature is the ability to manage birthdays. By having this information readily available, users can stay in touch with their friends and colleagues on their special days, making them feel appreciated and valued. This not only strengthens personal relationships but also fosters a more inclusive work environment.

Increased productivity and organization

Moreover, these features contribute significantly to increased productivity and organization.

Streamlining communication: Reducing the need to manually keep track of conversations and follow-ups

The resurrected features help streamline communication by automatically organizing messages into threads. Users can easily find and refer back to previous conversations, reducing the need to manually search for information or follow up on emails. This saves valuable time and improves overall efficiency.

Time management: Helping users stay informed and engaged with their contacts

Finally, these features help users stay informed and engaged with their contacts, making it easier to manage their time effectively. By having all communication in one place, users can quickly prioritize their tasks and respond to messages as needed. This not only saves time but also ensures that no important message goes unanswered, making for a more productive and successful day.

User Feedback and Reactions

Analysis of user responses to the return of ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders

Upon the reintroduction of ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders in Google Calendar, users have shared their thoughts and reactions. It is essential to analyze both the positive and negative feedback to understand the impact on users and guide future improvements.

Positive feedback:

Many users have expressed their appreciation for the return of these features, highlighting the benefits they bring to communication and organization. The ‘Nudges’ serve as helpful reminders for upcoming events or deadlines, allowing users to stay on top of their schedules. Similarly, the Birthday Reminders bring a personal touch and help users remember important dates for friends and family.

Negative feedback:

Despite the positive responses, there have also been concerns about the impact on user privacy and potential distractions. Some users feel uncomfortable with the idea of Google knowing their birthday or being reminded of it, raising questions about data security and privacy policies. Additionally, the ‘Nudges’ can be seen as intrusive for some users, potentially disrupting their workflow or focus.

Google’s response to user feedback:

Google acknowledges the importance of addressing users’ concerns and ensuring their needs are met. The company has responded by providing users with options for customization and control over these features. Users can choose to turn off the birthday reminder or hide their birthdate from others in their calendar. Additionally, they can adjust the frequency and timing of ‘Nudges’ to better fit their preferences.

Addressing concerns:

Google’s response to user feedback is rooted in addressing privacy and customization concerns, ensuring users have control over their data and how it is shared. By offering options for customization and control, Google aims to create a more personalized and user-friendly experience for all users.

Continuously iterating:

Google continues to update and iterate features based on user feedback, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of its user base. By listening to and addressing user concerns, Google can maintain a competitive edge in the market while providing a valuable service that enhances users’ daily lives.

VI. Conclusion

In today’s digital age, effective communication and organization have become essential elements of our daily lives. Google Messages, a popular messaging application developed by Google, has introduced several features to facilitate these aspects, most notably ‘Nudges’ and Birthday Reminders. Nudges, a feature that subtly reminds users to send important messages they’ve started but haven’t finished, can significantly improve communication by ensuring timely and complete message delivery. Moreover, the Birthday Reminders feature helps users keep track of their contacts’ birthdays, enhancing the user experience by fostering stronger relationships and enabling more personalized interactions.

The benefits of these features extend beyond just communication, as they also contribute to




. By providing subtle prompts and reminders, Google Messages enables users to manage their conversations more efficiently. Furthermore, Google’s commitment to

listening to user feedback

is evident in the development and implementation of these features. By continuously addressing user needs and preferences, Google ensures that its applications remain valuable tools for enhancing communication and productivity in our increasingly digital lives.