Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control

Google Home App: The Return of Speaker Group Volume Control – An In-depth Outline

The Google Home app, an essential companion to Google’s line of smart speakers and displays, has recently undergone a notable update: the return of Speaker Group Volume Control. This feature allows users to manage the volume levels of multiple Google Home devices within a speaker group in one simple action.


Previously, this functionality was available but removed in the Google Home app’s redesign. Users could only adjust each device’s volume individually or use voice commands to change the volume of one speaker at a time. The absence of this feature caused frustration for many multi-room audio setup owners, who often needed to maintain consistent volume levels across multiple speakers for an optimal listening experience.


With the return of Speaker Group Volume Control, users can now easily set and adjust volume levels for all speakers in a group simultaneously. This is an immense relief for those who have multiple Google Home devices throughout their homes, as managing individual speaker volumes can be time-consuming and inefficient.

How to Use

To use the Speaker Group Volume Control feature, simply tap on the “Devices” tab in the Google Home app, select a speaker group, and then tap on the volume control button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to adjust the volume for all speakers within that group in unison.

Visual Representation

Google Home App Volume Control


The return of Speaker Group Volume Control in the Google Home app is a significant update that addresses a common user pain point. By allowing users to easily manage volume levels for all devices within a group, Google has streamlined the process of setting up and maintaining multi-room audio configurations, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.
Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control

I. Introduction

Google Home, a voice-activated intelligent assistant developed by Google, has revolutionized the way we interact with technology in our homes. This innovative product line includes several devices designed to enhance the home audio experience.

Brief Overview of Google Home and Its Related Devices

  • Google Home Smart Speakers: These devices, available in various sizes and designs (like the Google Nest Mini or the Google Home Max), provide powerful sound quality while offering advanced features such as voice control through Google Assistant.
  • Nest Audio Speakers: This newer generation of Google Home speakers delivers even better sound quality with improved bass and clearer vocals. The Nest Audio is designed to blend seamlessly into any home décor.
  • Chromecast Audio Devices: These compact, affordable devices can be connected to existing home speakers for voice control and streaming capabilities.

Significance of Speaker Grouping in a Multi-Device Home Setup

In modern homes equipped with multiple Google Home devices, speaker grouping plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing the home audio experience.

Simplified Control:

Speaker grouping allows users to control multiple devices as a single entity, simplifying the process of managing music playback throughout the house.

Seamless Playback:

Users can easily stream music across all connected devices, ensuring a consistent audio experience without any interruptions or delays.

Customizable Zones:

Speaker grouping enables users to create custom zones (like Kitchen, Living Room, or Bedroom) and assign specific devices to each zone, making it easy to manage audio playback in different areas of the home.

Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control


Description of the issue with speaker group volume control in Google Home app prior to the update:

Before the latest updates, users experienced significant inconvenience when trying to manage speaker volumes for multiple devices within a group in the Google Home app. This issue manifested itself in several ways:

Difficulty in adjusting volume levels for multiple devices simultaneously:

Users could not modify the volume settings for all speakers within a group at once. Each speaker had to be adjusted individually, which was time-consuming and inefficient, especially when dealing with more than a few devices.

Inconsistent volume levels across devices in a group:

Even when users managed to adjust the volume for each speaker individually, the results were often inconsistent. Some speakers might play music too loudly, while others remained too quiet, leading to an unpleasant listening experience and hindering home automation efforts aimed at creating a harmonious atmosphere in the user’s living space.

Impact of this issue on users’ experience and home automation:

The absence of a reliable speaker group volume control feature in the Google Home app significantly impacted users’ experience and home automation endeavors. Users found it challenging to create a cohesive ambiance for their smart homes, as inconsistent volume levels from room to room disrupted the overall experience. Furthermore, users relying on Google Home’s multi-room audio feature for entertainment and relaxation faced frustration when trying to coordinate volume levels between devices. This deficiency hindered the full potential of Google Home as a comprehensive home automation solution, leaving users with an unfulfilled expectation for seamless control and enjoyment.
Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control

I The Solution: Google Home App Update:

Announcement and Release Date

Google has announced an upcoming update to its Google Home App, bringing back the much-requested feature of speaker group volume control. According to the latest reports, this long-awaited update is set to be released on March 31, 2023. The news comes as a relief to many users who have been facing inconvenience in managing the volume levels of multiple devices in a group. TechCrunch, The Verge, and other leading tech news websites have reported this development based on official Google statements and internal sources.

Description of the New Feature

With this update, users will be able to adjust volume levels for all devices in a group at once, ensuring consistent and easy volume management across their entire Google Home setup. This new feature is expected to make home automation more convenient and efficient, as users will no longer need to adjust the volume of each device individually.

Ability to Adjust Volume Levels for All Devices in a Group

The update brings the functionality of controlling volume levels for multiple devices within a group using a single command. This feature is expected to save time and effort, as users can now manage their entire Google Home setup with ease.

Impact on Ease of Use and Consistency in Home Automation

The return of group volume control is expected to significantly improve the ease of use for Google Home users. With this feature, users can maintain consistent volume levels across all devices in a group and avoid the inconsistency that comes with adjusting each device individually. Moreover, it adds to the overall convenience of home automation, making the experience more enjoyable and seamless.

Screenshots or Visuals Illustrating the New Feature

Unfortunately, Google has not released any official screenshots or visuals of the new feature as of yet. However, based on previous updates and descriptions from tech news websites, it can be assumed that users will have a dedicated interface within the Google Home App to manage speaker group volumes. Once the update is released, more detailed information and visuals will likely become available.

Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control

Implementing Speaker Group Volume Control in Google Home App:
Accessing the Google Home app:

  1. Downloading the app (if not already installed):
  2. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for “Google Home”. Install the app on your device if it’s not already installed.

  3. Logging into the account:
  4. Open the Google Home app and sign in with your Google Account.

Creating or managing existing speaker groups:

Creating a new group:

  1. Tapping the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner:
  2. Select “New” to create a new room or group.

  3. Selecting the devices to add to the group:
  4. Choose the Google Home, Nest Audio, or other compatible speakers you want to add to the new group.

  5. Naming and saving the new group:
  6. Enter a name for your new speaker group and tap “Save”.

Managing an existing group:

  1. Tapping on an existing group to view its members:
  2. In the Home view, select a speaker group to modify.

  3. Adding or removing devices from the group as needed:
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ button to add devices or use the ‘-‘ button to remove them from the selected group.

Adjusting speaker group volume control:

Tapping and holding on a specific group in the Home view:

In the Home view, tap and hold on the speaker group that you want to adjust the volume for.

Selecting ‘Speaker group settings’:

Select “Speaker group settings” from the options that appear.

Adjusting volume levels for all devices within the selected group simultaneously:

Use the volume slider to adjust the volume level for all the devices in the speaker group. The volume levels will be adjusted simultaneously across all devices in the selected group.

Confirmation of successful adjustment:

Checking the volume level display on individual devices within the group:

Check the volume level display on each device to confirm that they all reflect the adjusted volume.

Verifying that all devices in the group play audio at the same adjusted volume:

Test the audio output on each device in the speaker group to ensure that all devices play the audio at the same adjusted volume.

Google Home app brings back speaker group volume control


The new speaker group volume control feature in the Google Home app, as introduced in our previous discussion, holds a significant importance for home automation enthusiasts and everyday users alike. By allowing users to manage the volume of multiple speakers as a single unit, this innovative addition

streamlines the home setup management process

, saving precious time and energy. Moreover, it

ensures a consistent audio experience across different rooms or zones

, making your home setup feel more cohesive and harmonious.

We strongly encourage you to try out this game-changing feature

. Simply open the Google Home app on your smart device and navigate to the “Speakers” section to start experimenting with group volume control. Once you’ve created a group, you can easily adjust the volume level for all speakers within that group – no more manual adjustments for each individual speaker!

Experience the convenience and improved home automation control firsthand

. This feature not only makes managing your home audio system more efficient but also adds a layer of sophistication to your daily life. So, go ahead and explore the new speaker group volume control in the Google Home app – we believe you’ll find it an indispensable addition to your smart home arsenal.