Google app redesigns the ‘your space’ carousel of weather, sports cards [U]

Google App Redesigns “Your Space”: A New Look at Weather and Sports Cards in the Carousel

Google’s App has recently undergone a redesign, focusing on enhancing the user experience in the “Your Space” feature. Among the most noticeable changes are the revamped Weather and Sports cards within the carousel. The new design aims to provide a more visually appealing and interactive interface, making it easier for users to access essential information at a glance.

Revamped Weather Cards

The Weather cards now offer a more detailed and attractive presentation of meteorological information. Each card displays the current temperature, location, weather conditions, and an illustration representing the current weather. Moreover, users can swipe left to see the forecast for the upcoming days.

Redesigned Sports Cards

Google’s Sports cards have also received a facelift, providing fans with a more personalized and dynamic experience. Each card features the team logo, upcoming match schedule, and live score updates for ongoing games. Users can customize their sports preferences to ensure they receive timely notifications on their favorite teams and leagues.

Improved User Interface

The Google App’s redesign places a significant emphasis on simplifying and streamlining the user interface. The new design makes it easier to navigate between different sections of the app, ensuring users can quickly find and access the information they need.

Visual Appeal and Customization

The revamped “Your Space” feature offers users a more visually appealing and personalized experience. By redesigning the Weather and Sports cards, Google aims to make essential information more accessible while providing a more engaging interface for users.

Accessibility and Convenience

The new design also prioritizes accessibility and convenience. Users can easily customize their preferences, ensuring they receive the most relevant information for their interests and location. Furthermore, the app offers quick access to essential functions like setting alarms, making phone calls, and sending messages.


Google’s redesign of the “Your Space” feature in the Google App showcases a commitment to enhancing the user experience by providing a more visually appealing and interactive interface for essential features like Weather and Sports information.

Google app redesigns the ‘your space’ carousel of weather, sports cards [U]

I. Introduction

Brief Overview of Google App’s “Your Space” Feature:
“Your Space” is a recently introduced customizable and personalized area in the Google App, designed to enhance user experience by providing relevant information at a glance. This feature is not just another addition but a thoughtful improvement that caters to the unique preferences of each user. Two pre-existing components in “Your Space” include the Weather and Sports cards, which offer real-time updates on current weather conditions and favorite sports teams respectively.

Importance of User Experience in App Design:

User experience is a crucial factor in the success of any app, and Google understands this well. By offering a personalized space, the tech giant aims to engage users more effectively and retain them longer. The “Your Space” feature is part of this larger effort to create an intuitive and enjoyable user interface that adapts to individual needs.

Need for Regular Updates and Improvements:

Maintaining high user engagement requires regular updates and improvements. Google is known for its commitment to innovation, and the “Your Space” feature is a testament to this dedication. By continuously refining and expanding the range of available components, Google ensures that its app remains an indispensable tool for managing daily life.

Google app redesigns the ‘your space’ carousel of weather, sports cards [U]

Redesigning the Weather Card:

Visual enhancements:

  1. Use of high-resolution and dynamic imagery: This includes backgrounds that change based on the current weather conditions, making the card visually appealing and engaging. Additionally, weather icons are clearer and more distinct, ensuring easy recognition of weather patterns.
  2. Use of bold and easy-to-read text: The temperature and location are displayed using bold text for quick identification. This makes the card easily readable, even at a glance.
  3. Incorporation of real-time weather information: This includes current wind speed, humidity, and air pressure. Additionally, a weather forecast for the next few days is displayed, allowing users to plan their activities accordingly.

Interaction design:

  1. Tapping on the card to open a detailed weather report: When users tap on the card, they are taken to a more comprehensive weather report. Here, they can access current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, and historical data.
  2. Use of swipe gestures for scrolling through the weather forecast: Users can easily navigate through the forecast by swiping left or right. This makes it simple and intuitive to view the weather for different days.

Accessibility considerations:

  • Use of clear typography and high contrast colors: This ensures that the card is easy to read for users with visual impairments.
  • Voice command integration: For users with visual or motor impairments, voice commands can be used to access the weather information. This makes the card more inclusive and accessible for all users.

Google app redesigns the ‘your space’ carousel of weather, sports cards [U]

I Redesigning the Sports Cards

Visual enhancements

The sports card design undergoes a significant overhaul with a focus on visual appeal and user engagement. A team logo graces the top left corner, giving immediate recognition to the team represented. Dynamic imagery related to the sport or event is integrated into the card, providing visual interest and context. This includes scoreboards, action photos, and stadium backgrounds. Clear and bold text is utilized for team names, scores, and upcoming games to ensure readability at a glance.

Use of team logos and dynamic imagery

The team logo is prominently displayed in the top left corner for quick identification. Below it, dynamic imagery related to the sport or event enlivens the card. This could include a scoreboard displaying the current score, an action photo from a recent game, or an image of the team’s stadium. This combination creates a visually appealing and engaging design that immediately conveys information about the represented team.

Interaction design

Tapping on the sports card opens a detailed report, providing users with access to scores, schedules, and standings for multiple teams and leagues. Swipe gestures are employed for easy navigation through upcoming games or events. The design also offers the option to customize the displayed sports or teams, allowing users to tailor their experience according to their interests.

Tapping to open a detailed sports report

Upon tapping on the card, users gain access to a comprehensive sports report. This report includes scores, schedules, and standings for multiple teams and leagues, providing users with valuable information at their fingertips. The design is optimized to make this data easily accessible and digestible.

Swipe gestures for scrolling through upcoming games or events

Swipe gestures are employed to enable users to effortlessly scroll through upcoming games or events. This feature allows them to quickly view upcoming fixtures and keep up-to-date with their favorite teams.

Integration with other Google services

The sports card design integrates seamlessly with other Google services. Live updates from Google News and relevant search results related to the sport or team are displayed, keeping users informed about the latest news and developments. Users also have the option to set notifications for specific teams or games, ensuring they never miss an important match or update.

Accessibility considerations

Accessibility is a top priority in the redesign of sports cards. Clear typography and high contrast colors are used to ensure readability for all users, including those with visual impairments. Additionally, the design includes voice command integration for users with visual or motor impairments, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

Google app redesigns the ‘your space’ carousel of weather, sports cards [U]


Summary of the Redesign’s Key Features and Benefits:

The recent redesign of our app brings a fresh, visually appealing look that enhances the overall user experience. With a focus on greater personalization and customization options, users can now tailor the app to better suit their individual needs. The new design offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Improved visual appeal: A sleek, modern design that is easy on the eyes and helps users navigate the app more efficiently.
  • Greater personalization: Customizable settings that allow users to make the app their own.
  • Customization options: A range of customization features, including the ability to choose colors, fonts, and layouts.

Potential Impact on User Engagement and App Usage:

These enhancements are expected to lead to increased user engagement and app usage, as users become more invested in the personalized experience. By offering a design that caters to individual preferences, we aim to create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for all users.

Ongoing Efforts to Enhance “Your Space” and Address User Feedback:

Our team is committed to continually enhancing the “Your Space” feature, incorporating user feedback to ensure a positive experience for all. We believe that the ongoing collaboration with our users will help us continue to improve and evolve the app, making it an essential tool for managing daily tasks and staying organized.

Encouragement for Users to Explore the New Design and Provide Feedback:

We encourage all users to explore the new design, make use of the personalization options, and share their thoughts and feedback with us. Your input will help us continue to refine the app and create an even better experience for everyone. Stay tuned for future updates, and thank you for choosing our app as your go-to tool for organization and productivity.