Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July

Chipolo’s Delayed Integration with Android’s Find My Device Network: A Detailed Overview

Since the initial announcement of Chipolo’s plans to integrate with Google’s Find My Device network, users have been eagerly anticipating the addition of this feature. However, recent news has emerged indicating a significant delay in the implementation process. According to Chipolo’s official statement, the integration is now slated for July 2023. Let’s delve deeper into this development and explore its potential implications.

The Initial Announcement

Back in early 2021, Chipolo announced its intention to join Google’s Find My Device network. This integration would enable users to locate their misplaced or lost Chipolo” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>devices using the same platform as they do for their Android smartphones and tablets. The news was met with widespread excitement among the user base, as it promised to streamline the process of finding lost items.

The Reason for the Delay

Why the unexpected delay, though? Chipolo’s statement did not provide explicit details regarding the cause of this shift in timeline. Some speculate that the integration process may be more complex than initially anticipated, while others suggest that Chipolo is focusing on other aspects of its business to improve user experience. Regardless of the reason, the delay is a cause for concern for some users who were eagerly awaiting this integration.

Potential Impact on Users

What does this mean for Chipolo users? Some may be disappointed by the delay, particularly those who had planned to rely on the integration as a primary method for locating their lost items. Others, however, may not be affected at all by this change, depending on their specific use cases and preferences. Some users might even prefer the continued use of Chipolo’s proprietary app for locating their devices.

Considering Alternatives

With the integration now pushed back to July 2023, some users might be considering alternative solutions for tracking their belongings. Other popular trackers like Tile and Apple AirTag offer similar functionality through their respective ecosystems. These alternatives might be worth exploring for users who cannot wait for Chipolo’s integration or are looking for alternative options.


In conclusion, Chipolo’s delayed integration with Android’s Find My Device network is a significant development that has potential implications for its user base. While some may be disappointed by the delay, others might not be affected at all. Ultimately, users will need to weigh their preferences and needs when deciding whether or not to pursue alternative solutions in the meantime.

Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July

I. Introduction

Brief Overview of Chipolo and Its Current Features as a Bluetooth Tracker

Chipolo is a popular Bluetooth tracker known for its compact size, long battery life, and loud ringing feature designed to help users locate misplaced items. With a simple tap on the Chipolo app, users can make their Chipolo device ring even if it’s in silent mode. The device is waterproof and available in various colors, making it an ideal solution for keeping track of keys, wallets, or even pets.

Explanation of Android’s Find My Device Network and How It Enhances Device Tracking Capabilities

Android’s Find My Device is a free service that helps users locate, ring, or lock their Android devices from another device. By using the Google Account associated with your lost device, you can access its location on a map, make it ring even if it’s in silent mode, or lock it remotely. If the missing device is offline (not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network), Android’s Find My Device can still help by showing you the last known location where it was connected to Wi-Fi.

Announcement of Chipolo’s Planned Integration with Android’s Find My Device Network

Chipolo has exciting news for its users! The company plans to integrate Chipolo devices with Android’s Find My Device network, allowing users to track their Chipolos directly from the Google Find My Device app. This integration will make it even more convenient for Android users to keep track of all their essential items, whether they’re misplaced or lost.

Statement That the Integration Has Been Delayed Until July 2023

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated integration between Chipolo and Android’s Find My Device network has been delayed. While we were initially aiming for an earlier release, the team at Chipolo is working diligently to ensure that the integration meets our high standards. The new target date for this feature is July 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and support as we continue to develop this innovative solution.

Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July

Reasons for Delay

Technical challenges:

Integrating Chipolo’s technology with Android’s Find My Device network comes with potential complexities that require careful consideration. Data security is a major concern, as Chipolo needs to ensure the highest level of protection for user data during the transfer process. Compatibility issues between the two systems could also arise, requiring extensive testing and troubleshooting to resolve. The integration must be designed in such a way that it does not compromise the security or functionality of either system, making this a crucial and intricate process.

Quality assurance:

Thorough testing is an essential step to ensure a stable and reliable experience for Chipolo users once the integration with Android’s Find My Device network is live. The development team must rigorously test every aspect of the feature to identify and address any potential bugs or issues before release. This includes extensive compatibility testing across various Android devices, firmware versions, and Chipolo trackers to ensure a seamless user experience.

User experience:

Chipolo is committed to providing an optimal user experience. The integration with Android’s Find My Device network represents a significant opportunity to enhance the functionality of their trackers. By ensuring the feature works seamlessly with Chipolo’s existing trackers and the Android ecosystem, users can benefit from an expanded set of features that make finding their lost items even more convenient. The development team is dedicated to delivering a high-quality user experience and will continue to prioritize this as they work through the technical challenges associated with this integration.

Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July

I Impact on Users

Current Chipolo users:

The upcoming integration between Chipolo and Google’s Find My Devices platform is an exciting development for current Chipolo users. Improved tracking capabilities are on the horizon, as Chipolo trackers will soon be able to connect directly with Google’s widely used service. This means users can utilize a more unified experience across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. No more jumping back and forth between apps, as everything will be consolidated within the Find My Devices interface. Additionally, users can leverage Google’s advanced features like real-time location sharing and automatic alerts for leaving or arriving at specific locations, enhancing the overall experience.

Potential new Chipolo users:

The delay in the integration between Chipolo and Google’s Find My Devices platform might lead some potential new users to hesitate before purchasing a Chipolo tracker. However, it is essential to emphasize the benefits of this integration, which extends beyond just the unified experience. With Chipolo’s reliable tracking technology and Google’s expansive ecosystem, users will gain a powerful combination of features. Once the integration is live, new users can enjoy all these advantages – making the wait definitely worth it!

Business customers:

Organizations relying on Chipolo for managing fleet or asset tracking face some implications due to the integration delay. Businesses with large numbers of Chipolo devices might encounter challenges in managing their inventory or assets during this period. To mitigate potential inconvenience, alternative solutions can be explored – such as integrating Chipolo with other third-party tracking services or using competing products that already support Google’s Find My Devices platform. Rest assured, the Chipolo team is committed to delivering this integration as soon as possible and will keep their business clients informed of any updates or progress.
Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July

Timeline and Communications

Chipolo is committed to providing a seamless integration with the popular home automation platform, Google Smart Home. Here’s a

detailed roadmap

of the key milestones and estimated release dates leading up to this exciting July 2023 event:

  1. Q1 2022:

  2. – Chipolo begins development of the Google Smart Home integration in collaboration with Google’s team.

  3. Q2 2022:

  4. – Internal testing and validation phase begins to ensure compatibility with Google Smart Home’s requirements.

  5. Q3 2022:

  6. – Chipolo begins beta testing with a select group of users to gather feedback and fine-tune the integration.

  7. Q4 2022:

  8. – Chipolo works on addressing any reported issues from the beta testing phase and making necessary improvements.

  9. Q1 2023:

  10. – The integration enters the certification process with Google to ensure compatibility and meet their guidelines.

  11. Q2 2023:

  12. – Chipolo officially launches the Google Smart Home integration for all users.


At Chipolo, we understand the importance of keeping our valued users informed. Transparency is a cornerstone of our company’s values, and we assure you that we will provide

regular updates

on the progress of this integration. Any potential delays or issues

will be communicated promptly and honestly, so you can plan accordingly.

Customer Support

To help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the integration and its potential impact on your Chipolo trackers, our dedicated

customer support team

will be available to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to us via email, phone, or live chat and we’ll do our best to provide you with accurate and timely information to help you make the most of your Chipolo experience.

Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July


As we reach the end of this announcement, Chipolo reaffirms its unwavering commitment to providing our valued users with a top-notch user experience. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in keeping your loved ones safe, and we are dedicated to making Chipolo trackers an essential tool in your daily life.

Reaffirmation of Chipolo’s commitment

We take great pride in the functionality and design of our products, and we are constantly working on improving them to better serve you. Our team is always listening to user feedback and suggestions, and we are committed to integrating new features that make our trackers even more effective and user-friendly.

Encouragement for users

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage all our users to continue using their Chipolo trackers, and stay tuned for updates on the integration progress. Your support and trust mean everything to us, and we are confident that these improvements will only enhance your experience with our product.

Open invitation for feedback

At Chipolo, we believe that collaboration and open communication are key to creating a successful product. That’s why we extend an open invitation for feedback and suggestions from our community as we navigate this process together. Your input is invaluable, and we are committed to incorporating your ideas into our development roadmap.

Together towards a better future

We believe that by working together, we can create a safer and more connected world. With your help, we can continue to innovate and improve our products to better meet your needs, and ensure that Chipolo remains the go-to solution for locating and protecting what matters most to you.