Google Flights now shows Southwest fares, no more ‘price unavailable’

Google Flights Now Displays Southwest Airline Fares: An In-Depth Outline

Google Flights, the popular search engine’s flight comparison tool, has recently announced that it now includes Southwest Airlines‘ fares in its search results. This is a significant development for users of the platform as Southwest was previously not integrated into Google Flights. With this addition, Google Flights becomes an even more comprehensive tool for finding and booking flights, giving users a wider range of options to choose from.


Prior to this update, Southwest Airlines’ fares were not visible on Google Flights. Southwest operates as a low-cost carrier with unique business practices that differ from most other airlines. For instance, it does not charge change fees and allows passengers to select their seats upon check-in for free. These factors made an integration with Google Flights more complex. However, the popularity of Southwest Airlines and user demand drove Google to find a solution.

The Impact

Now, when users search for flights on Google Flights, they will see Southwest’s fares displayed alongside those of other airlines. This means that travelers have a more complete view of their options when planning a trip, increasing the convenience and efficiency of the search process. The addition also provides an opportunity for Google to potentially attract more users to its platform, as it now caters to a broader range of preferences and travel styles.

User Benefits

For users, this update brings several benefits. First and foremost, it offers a more comprehensive search experience as it includes a larger number of airlines to choose from. Second, users may discover new flight options they hadn’t previously considered, potentially leading to cost savings or more convenient travel arrangements. Third, the integration further solidifies Google Flights as a one-stop solution for flight booking, reducing the need for users to visit multiple sites to compare prices.

Future Developments

Moving forward, this integration is an indication of Google’s commitment to continually expanding and improving its services. It also highlights the growing trend towards greater collaboration between technology companies and airlines, as each aims to offer more value to consumers. As travel continues to evolve, it’s likely that we will see further advancements in flight comparison and booking tools, making the process even more seamless and efficient for users.

Google Flights now shows Southwest fares, no more ‘price unavailable’

I. Introduction

Google Flights, an online flight search engine developed by Google, has revolutionized the way travelers compare and book flights. This innovative tool allows users to easily compare prices from various airlines in one place, offering an unmatched level of convenience and savings. However, there was once a significant issue that left some users frustrated and inconvenienced – the inexplicable labeling of Southwest Airlines fares as “Price unavailable” on Google Flights.

Brief Overview of Google Flights:

Google Flights, a free service by Google LLC, enables users to search for flights and compare prices from multiple airlines in just a few clicks. It offers features such as flexible date options, one-click booking, and the ability to view price trends. Google Flights has gained immense popularity due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive search results, and integration with Gmail and other Google services.

Previous Issue with Southwest Airlines Fares on Google Flights:

The “Price unavailable” label for Southwest Airlines fares on Google Flights caused quite a stir among travelers. This issue came to light when users discovered that they could not view or compare prices for Southwest flights alongside those of other airlines. This resulted in a less-than-ideal user experience, as some travelers were forced to visit the Southwest Airlines website separately to check prices and availability.

Significance of This Recent Development:

The recent resolution of this issue is significant in several ways. First and foremost, the improvement in user experience means that travelers can now easily compare prices for all airlines, including Southwest, on Google Flights. This increased convenience saves time and effort when booking flights. Additionally, the competition among airlines displayed on Google Flights is heightened, which can lead to lower prices and better deals for travelers.
Google Flights now shows Southwest fares, no more ‘price unavailable’


Southwest Airlines, an iconic low-cost carrier in the United States, is known for its unique business model that sets it apart from traditional carriers. One of Southwest’s distinctive features is the absence of assigned seats and change fees, offering passengers more flexibility in their travel plans. This business model, however, presented challenges when it came to integrating with third-party booking platforms like Google Flights.

Southwest Airlines and its booking system

Southwest Airlines

has maintained a no-frills approach that has resonated with travelers. With unassigned seats and freedom to change reservations without incurring fees, Southwest’s business model focuses on providing affordable fares while allowing passengers the flexibility they need. However, this approach brought complications when it came to sharing booking information with external platforms.

Unique business model with no assigned seats or change fees

Southwest’s innovative business model was not easily compatible with Google Flights. Unlike most airlines, Southwest does not assign seats during the booking process or charge fees for changes.

Widebody Boeing 737 MAX fleet

Another factor contributing to the integration challenges was Southwest’s widebody Boeing 737 MAX fleet, which did not have full integration with Google Flights. This meant that passengers looking for comprehensive flight search data on Google Flights would occasionally encounter a “Price unavailable” label when searching for Southwest flights.

Previous reasons for “Price unavailable” label on Google Flights for Southwest

Lack of integration

Between Southwest’s unique business model and Google Flights’ data systems, it was challenging for both parties to seamlessly share booking information. This resulted in a “Price unavailable” label appearing on Google Flights when searching for Southwest flights due to the lack of comprehensive integration.

Lack of integration between Southwest and Google’s systems

Google Flights relies on real-time data from airlines to provide accurate and up-to-date pricing information. Since Southwest’s booking system was not fully integrated with Google Flights, the platform could not access the necessary data to display accurate pricing for Southwest flights.

Differences in the way each company handles booking data

Further complicating matters was the difference in how each company handled booking data. Southwest’s business model does not include assigned seats or change fees, which required unique handling and representation within Google Flights’ systems.

Recent developments leading to the integration of Southwest fares on Google Flights

Recent developments have brought about significant progress in integrating Southwest’s booking data into Google Flights, allowing travelers to see accurate pricing and information when searching for Southwest flights.

Google’s push for more comprehensive flight search data


has been pushing for more comprehensive flight search data to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date information. This goal required expanding partnerships with airlines like Southwest, which had not been fully integrated into Google Flights.

Southwest’s improvements in data sharing and API integration

On Southwest’s end, the carrier has been making strides to improve data sharing and API integration, allowing Google Flights to access essential booking data. This collaboration enables accurate pricing information for Southwest flights on the platform.


The integration of Southwest Airlines’ booking data into Google Flights represents a significant milestone in the realm of flight search and booking platforms. This development not only benefits travelers by providing accurate pricing information but also highlights the evolving relationship between airlines and third-party platforms in the digital age of travel.

Google Flights now shows Southwest fares, no more ‘price unavailable’

I Impact on Users

Improved accuracy and convenience for travelers

Google Flights has significantly enhanced the experience for travelers by providing more complete and up-to-date flight search results. With Google Flights, travelers no longer need to check multiple websites for fares from different airlines. Instead, they can compare all airlines’ fares in one place, ensuring they have the most accurate and current information available.

Enhanced competition among airlines displayed on Google Flights

The transparency provided by Google Flights has increased the pressure on airlines to provide competitive pricing. The ability for travelers to compare fares and itineraries from multiple carriers at once means that airlines cannot rely on obscuring fees or hidden costs to lure customers. This competition could lead to more frequent sales or promotions from airlines, ultimately benefiting consumers.

Better decision-making for travelers

Google Flights empowers travelers to make more informed choices. By enabling side-by-side comparisons of multiple itineraries and prices, travelers can consider various factors before making their selection. These considerations might include pricing, flight times, and layovers, ensuring that they choose the option best suited for their needs and preferences.

Google Flights now shows Southwest fares, no more ‘price unavailable’


Google Flights‘ recent integration of Southwest fares is a significant development in the online travel industry. This move represents a major shift as Southwest was previously not included in Google Flights’ search results.

Why is this important?

This new collaboration not only expands the reach of Google Flights but also signifies a potential trend towards more inclusive and comprehensive flight search engines. For travelers, this means having access to an even wider range of options when planning their trips. They can now compare prices from all major airlines in one place, making the process more convenient and efficient.

Benefits for Travelers

The anticipated benefits for travelers are numerous. They will have the ability to make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive information. Moreover, they can save time and effort by not having to visit multiple airline websites or comparison engines. This streamlined process can lead to better deals and more savings for travelers.

Benefits for Airlines

For airlines, being included in Google Flights’ search results can lead to increased visibility and potential bookings. This partnership also provides an opportunity for closer collaboration between Google and airlines, potentially leading to innovative solutions to improve the travel search experience.

Encouragement for Users

With Google Flights now offering comprehensive and accurate information from all major airlines, we encourage users to continue using this platform for their flight search needs. Whether you’re planning a domestic or international trip, Google Flights provides the tools and information to help you find the best deals and make informed travel decisions.